Ways to Correct a Run on Sentence Online: Searching for a Good Sentence Fixer

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How to Correct a Run on Sentence

There are a number of different ways to correct a run on sentence and other grammar issues, and the importance of doing so cannot be overstressed. Not performing a proper sentence check can result in submitting a paper/text with errors. This can lead to misunderstandings and a failure to communicate the intended message. For students this may mean lower grades and in the workplace can result in lost business, miscommunications between colleagues and other problems. The following are the different ways how to correct run-on sentences and other issues:

  • Proofread and edit manually. Proofreading and editing text on your own is an obvious choice, especially if you possess good grammar skills. On the plus side, it is convenient and affordable. However, some of the negative aspects of taking this approach are that you may have no idea how to correct a fragment and a run on sentence, and may not even recognize these mistakes. The editing process can also be time-consuming and take several hours, and it is easy to overlook mistakes in your own text.
  • Assistance from a friend. If you lack the grammar skills for identifying and repairing run on sentences you can request help from a friend. Having a friend provide assistance can be useful if they possess the necessary skills. On the positive side, this can be an affordable option and it is easier to spot mistakes when proofreading another person’s text. On the downside, they may not have the time to devote to helping you, and you will be subject to their schedule. In addition, human error is a factor and they may also overlook mistakes.
  • Seek online help. You can get professional help online for proofreading and editing tasks. The pros of using this option are that it will generally result in polished and error-free text. The cons are that this can be an expensive method if you expect good results and time can also be a factor.
  • Use online tools. Another option is to use a run on checker online free to identify and correct mistakes. The pros of using online tools are that they are fast and affordable. The possibility of human error is eliminated. The cons of using this option are that there are many tools to choose from and they don’t all perform equally well.
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Choosing the Right Run on Sentence Checker

“I’m not sure how to correct my run on sentence” is a common complaint of many people. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools available online that can show you how to fix a run on sentence. The question is which tool should you choose to perform a run on sentence check. Some of the things to consider include:

  • Accuracy. A run on sentence checker should perform with a high degree of accuracy to ensure you identify all errors in your text
  • Proper corrections suggestion. A good comma splice detector will provide suggestions on how to correct the mistakes it identifies.
  • Speed. How fast you get your results is important, especially if you have to submit the work in a few hours.
  • Ease of use. You don’t want a tool that is too complicated.
  • Additional features. Extra features such as a spelling checker and punctuation checker are useful during the editing process
  • Affordability. There are both paid and free run on sentence checker online free tools. Choose a tool your budget can accommodate
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About Our Online Sentence Fixer

Our sentence checker can assist you with detecting and correcting a number of different sentence issues. Those sentence mistakes include:

  • Comma splice mistakes. This is a type of run on sentence where two or more independent clauses are joined only with a comma. Our “is my sentence a run on checker” will identify comma splices and provide suggestions on how to correct them.
  • Fused sentences. This is another type of run on sentence where two independent clauses are combined into one sentence without using any punctuation or coordinating conjunction.
  • Incomplete sentences. Incomplete sentences (sentence fragments) occur when a clause lacks one or more of the three components that make up a complete sentence. The three components require to make a complete sentence are a subject, a verb and a complete thought.

Additional Features of Our Run on Sentence Corrector

Part of what makes our run on sentence helper such a powerful tool is the extra features it provides. Aside from finding and correcting sentence mistakes, it functions as a spelling checker, punctuation checker and dictionary checker. It also identifies active voice and passive voice in your text and makes suggested adjustments to ensure you are using the appropriate voice to deliver your message.

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Our sentence checker also examines the tone of your text as well as your word usage. All of these functions are performed in a single text analysis that takes only a few seconds to complete. This writing tool works with any type of text including academic papers, blog posts, business letters, articles and emails. On top of all this our run on sentence detector is easy to use.

You can analyze your text by taking these simple steps:

  • Enter your text. Copy and paste the text you wish to analyze into the provided field.
  • Start the analysis. Initiate the analyzing process by clicking the button.
  • Receive the report. You will be provided a report identifying any mistakes or problems with your text. The report will include suggested corrections and adjustments to make
  • Make the suggested corrections and adjustments

Your completed text will be free of run on sentences and other mistakes in a fraction of the time it usually takes. 

To find the best ways to correct a run on sentence take advantage of our run on sentence repairing tool and use it on your next writing task!