Run on Checker: Best Practices on Making Your Sentences Grammatically Perfect

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Identifying and Fixing Sentence Errors

For many people issues with sentence structure such as run on sentences and fragments are the biggest problem they have with writing. It can be confusing, even for those with good grammar skills, which is why some turn to using tools like a run on checker when it is time to edit their text.  The following are the most common sentence problems people encounter when writing:

  • Fused sentences. A fused sentence is when two or more independent clauses are combined into one sentence without the use of punctuation or coordinating conjunction. A fused sentence is a type of run on sentence.
  • Comma splice. A comma splice occurs when two or more independent clauses are combined into a single sentence using only a comma but no coordinating conjunction. A comma splice is another type of run on sentence.

The first step in learning how to find a run on sentence is to understand what an independent clause is. An independent clause is made up of three components. It must have a subject, a verb and express a complete thought. Basically it is a simple sentence. Learning what an independent clause is and how it differs from a dependent clause is a key to understanding run on sentences. Combining two independent clauses incorrectly leaves you with a run on sentence. Now, after identifying the problem how do you fix a run on sentence? There are several ways to correct a run on sentence depending on whether it is a comma splice or a fused sentence:

Fused sentence:

  • Use periods and capitalization to separate independent clauses to create simple sentences
  • Use semicolons: Separate the independent clauses by inserting a semicolon
  • Use a comma and coordinating conjunction: Insert a comma followed by a coordinating conjunction between the independent clauses
  • Link independent clauses using a dependent clause (subordinate clause)

Comma splice:

  • Create a compound sentence: Insert a coordinating conjunction (for, and, nor, but, or, yet) after the comma to create a compound sentence.
  • Use a semicolon. Replace the comma separating the independent clauses with a semi colon

Still confused as to how to identify and correct run on sentences? Are you asking yourself is my sentence a run on? You may want to use a “is this a run on sentence checker” to locate and correct comma splice and fused sentence mistakes.

Features of Our Tool to Fix Run on Sentences Online

A fused sentence checker is an excellent tool to fix run on sentences online. It identifies run on sentences in your text and also provides suggestions on how to correct these mistakes. Aside from its ability to correct run on sentences online, it can also take care of numerous other proofreading and editing issues you may encounter. Other features of our paragraph grammar analyzer include:

features of run on checker
  • Spelling checker. Locates spelling errors and gives the correct spelling
  • Punctuation checker. Ensures you are using the correct punctuation in your text
  • Word usage. Checks that you are using the appropriate word
  • Passive voice detector. Identifies whether you are using passive voice or active voice and suggests adjustments so that you use the appropriate voice
  • Tone analyzer. Identifies whether you are using the correct tone to best convey your meaning to the reader
  • Fragment checker. Identifies incomplete sentences

Our sentence quality checker not only identifies these issues, it also makes suggestions on how to correct mistakes and make improvements to your text. There are some definite advantages to using our run on and fragment checker:

  • Speed. It generally takes less than a minute for our sentence checker to identify issues and make suggested corrections and improvements. It can knock hours of the proofreading and editing process.
  • Cost. This is a free sentence corrector so anybody can afford to use it.
  • Eliminates human error. People often overlook mistakes for a number of reasons such as being in a hurry, being tired or just not being familiar with certain grammar rules

The biggest limitation of our sentence quality checker is that it doesn’t make corrections for you. It identifiers errors and suggests corrections but you will have to make the actual correction yourself. It also can’t always recognize the intended purpose of your text. You should still do a final proofreading of your text to ensure it still conveys the message you intend.

The run on detector can be used for any type of text including academic papers, essays, articles, letters, blog posts and emails. This makes it an ideal editing tool for students, freelancers, business people or anybody else who has some form of writing task to perform.

How to Use Our Run on Checker

Checking your text for run on sentences and other mistakes is a simple process when you use our sentence checker. You can have your text analyzed by following these easy steps:

how to use sentence quality checker
  • Enter your text. Copy and paste the text into the provided field. You can also type text directly into the field.
  • Initiate the analysis. Click the button to begin the analyzing process
  • Receive the report. A report detailing any errors in the text will be provided. This will include suggested corrections that should be made.
  • Make the suggested corrections and adjustments

The final result will be text that is well polished and ready for submission. 

The next time you undertake a writing task, use our run on checker to ensure your text is grammatically perfect and error-free!