How to Fix a Sentence Fragment: Practical Guide

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If you randomly asked 10 of your friends about their worst memory of high school English, we bet most of them can remember being heavily penalized for sentence fragments. Even worse, most don’t probably recollect what they are and even the best way to fix them. So, what exactly is a sentence fragment? Simply put, sentence fragments are groups of clauses that appear like a sentence but they aren’t. The reason sentence fragments fall short of reaching the true sentence hood threshold is because they lack one of the three critical components of a sentence: a subject, a verb, or an independent clause.

Recent studies suggest that the reason why most people fail to identify minor mistakes such as sentence fragments in their work is because of an incomplete line of thought. In this case, the brain routine tricks the brain into assuming that a particular sentence is complete, while in actual sense it isn’t. After all, we generally assume that a complete sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a  punctuation mark. On the contrary, however, a sentence can only be said to be truly complete if it incorporates an independent clause.

Below are a few examples of sentence fragments together with their possible revisions:

1. Made it impossible to move.

Revision: The heavy rains made it impossible to move. 

2. Knocked her and left.

Revision: Kim knocked her and left. 

3. Makeup and shoes scattered everywhere.

Revision: Makeup and shoes were scattered everywhere.

4. Because it was muddy.

Revision: We canceled the hike because it was muddy.

How to Fix a Sentence Fragment

If you casually try to browse “how to fix my sentence fragment” on Google, you will come across a plethora of solutions and suggestions. Unfortunately, most of them ignore the basic English rules, and they may lead to further mistakes.  In this section, we are going to show you the three best ways of how to fix a fused sentence in your work. They include:

tips on how to fix a sentence fragment

Merging the Fragment With the Nearby Sentence

One of the biggest causes of sentence fragments is the writer ending a sentence or sentences too soon. Often, this leads to an incomplete thought either before the mistake itself or in the sentence that follows next. In this case, you easily correct this mistake by merging the fragment with the nearby sentence to create a single, coherent sentence.


Incorrect: The mum was watching TV. While the baby was playing.

Revised: The mum was watching TV, while the baby was playing.

Complete the Fragment by Adding the Appropriate Subject

Sometimes a fragment is caused by a missing subject in the sentence. If any of your sentences are missing the subject, consider adding it and revising the other parts as deemed fit.


Incorrect: Playing with the kids.

Revised: Jane was playing with the kids.

Complete the Fragment by Adding the Appropriate Verb

Another major cause of fragments in a sentence is the missing verbs. If you determine that a particular sentence in your work is missing a verb, add it and revise the remaining part of the sentence as needed


Incorrect: Paul in the park.

Revised: I met Paul in the park.

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Manual Fragments Fixing Vs Online Fragment Corrector

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How to Fix a Fused Sentence with Our Tool

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how our sentence fragment fixer works
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