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Why Do You Need to Identify the Fused Sentence?

Fused sentences are one of the two types of run on sentences and are a fairly common mistake made while writing. In order to correct this type of error you must first be able to identify the fused sentence when you see one. The following are some common questions people have about fused sentences:

Q: What is a fused sentence?

A: A fused sentence is when two or more independent clauses are combined into one sentence without using any punctuation or without a coordinating conjunction. An independent clause consists of a subject, a verb and a complete thought. Basically it is a simple sentence

Q: What is an example of a fused sentence?

A: The following is an example of a fused sentence. “Rover is a German Shepherd he is a good dog.”  This sentence is made up of two independent clauses “Rover is a German Shepherd” and “he is a good dog.” As there is no punctuation and no coordinating conjunction between the two independent clauses it is a fused sentence.

Q: What is the difference between a run on sentence and a fused sentence?

A: A fused sentence is a type of run on sentence. The other type of run on sentence is the comma splice which is two independent clauses separated by only a comma. Every fused sentence is a run on sentence but not every run on sentence is a fused sentence.

Q: How is it possible to identify a fused sentence?

A: To identify a fused sentence you must first be able to recognize independent clauses. A sentence made up of two or more independent clauses with no punctuation or no coordinating conjunction (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so) between them is a fused sentence.

Q: What are the ways to correct fused sentences online?

A: The best way how to correct fused sentence mistakes online is by using a fused sentence checker. This is a writing tool that identifies fused sentences and provides suggestions on how to correct the mistake. An alternative is to read grammar blogs and websites to look for solutions but this is much slower and prone to human error.

How to Fix a Fused Sentence

So once you have identified some, how do you fix a run-on (or fused) sentences? There are several different methods for how to fix a fused sentence:

tips on how to fix a fused sentence
  • Add appropriate coordinating conjunction and a comma between the independent clauses
  • Place a semicolon between the two independent clauses
  • Add a conjunctive adverb and the appropriate punctuation
  • Break the sentence down into simple sentences separated by a period/periods

Some of this might still be confusing and you may be asking yourself how can a fused sentence be corrected when I don’t fully understand the rules. It won’t be a problem if you take advantage of our comma splices and fused sentences checker. Our writing tool identifies fused sentences and other run on sentences for you as well as providing suggestions on how you can correct these mistakes. It also serves as an incomplete sentence checker, pointing out fragments and how to fix them. However it is much more than a fragment and run on sentence checker. It has numerous other editing features including a spell checker, a punctuation checker and a dictionary checker. Our writing tool also examines the tone of your text as well as grammar and word usage. In fact, in can even identify whether you are using active voice or passive voice and if you are using the appropriate voice in your text.

In addition to all the above mentioned features, our fused sentence finder works on any type of text including academic papers, letters, emails, articles and blog posts. It is both fast and accurate, and this combined with the many editing features it offers is what makes it so in-demand with students, bloggers and others who have to deal with writing assignments/tasks.

How Can a Fused Sentence Be Corrected with Our Checker?

The great thing about our sentence checker is you don’t need any technical skills to use it. Just follow these simple steps to fix fused sentence problems in your text:

how fused sentence checker works
  • Enter your text: Copy and paste your text into the provided field. You can also type your text directly into the field
  • Initiate the analysis process: Click the button to start the process
  • Receive your report: Depending on the length of your text it will take a few seconds up to a minute. The report will identify the errors in your text and provide suggestions on how to correct them
  • Make the suggested corrections

Now you have a fully edited text to make use of however you require. Don’t forget to rerun the check if you make corrections of your own to the writing.

To identify the fused sentence mistakes in your text and correct them quickly and easily, give our fused sentence finder a try and see the improvement in your writing.