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Run on Sentence Checker FAQ

Q: What is a run on sentence?

A: A run on sentence is when two or more independent clauses are joined incorrectly. There are two types of run on sentences, the fused sentence and the comma splice. A fused sentence is when independent clauses run together with no coordinating conjunctions or punctuation marks to separate them and comma splices are when independent clauses are joined only by a comma.

Q: How do you identify a run on error?

A: The way how to spot a run on sentence is to check and see if there is more than one subject/verb combination in the sentence. If there is, and there is no coordinating conjunction or punctuation other than a comma separating the subject/verb combination, then you have a run on error.

Q: Why is the run on error so common?

A: Run on errors occur for a number of different reasons including carelessness/typos, not understanding the rules of grammar that apply and misuse of punctuation.

Q: What are the most common causes of a run on?

A: Probably the single greatest cause of run on sentences is because a writer may feel that a comma is more appropriate to use than a period because two sentences are closely related and they don’t want to break off the thought they are expressing. They feel that a period may be too abrupt as they are still expressing their idea.

Q: How can you check if a sentence is correct online?

A: You can use a run on checker online free to determine if there are errors in your sentences. Not only will this writing tool inform you if your sentence is correct; it will also make a run on sentence correction suggestion if an error exists.

Run on Sentence Tester Overview

Run on sentence paragraph editing can be a tedious and time-consuming process and if you are unfamiliar with fused sentence and comma splice errors it is also frustrating. Our run on sentence checker is an online writing tool that assists you with identifying run on sentences and provides suggestions on how you can correct this type of error in your text. Using our tool can shave hours off the editing process as well as catch mistakes you may have overlooked. It also does much more than check for run on sentence errors in your text.

The run on sentence detector has numerous other features that include a spelling checker, a punctuation checker and a dictionary checker. The functions it performs don’t stop there. It will identify whether you are writing in active or passive voice and provide suggestions to ensure you are using the best voice to convey your message. Examining your text for tone and word usage as well as checking for other grammatical errors makes our comma splice checker a fantastic multi-purpose tool for editing your text. It identifies many types of writing errors as well as providing suggested corrections and adjustments and does so in a matter of seconds. 

How to Use Our Run on Checker

One of the best things about our online sentence checker is how easy it is to use. No technical expertise is required and it can be used anywhere as long as you have internet access. The following are the basic steps to using our sentence checker:

how run on sentence tester works
  • Copy and paste your text into the provided field. You can also type directly into the field if you desire. Click the button to initiate an analysis of your text.
  • Receive your text analysis. You will receive a report identifying any run on errors and other mistakes that your text may contain. This report will also provide suggested corrections and improvements that you can make to your text.
  • Make the suggested adjustments. After making the necessary corrections you will have a well polished paper or other text ready for submission.

Our run-on sentence detector can be used for any type of text including academic papers and essays, articles, blog posts, business letters and emails. It is fast, easy to access, accurate and easy to use. It is also free which is as affordable as it gets. This makes it an ideal tool for students, business people, writers, bloggers or anyone else that has writing tasks to perform. 

For run on sentence help and assistance with a multitude of editing tasks try our run on sentence tester and submit well-polished text on your next writing assignment.