Comma Splice Checker: Everything You Need to Know

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The Need for a Comma Splice Checker

A comma splice is a type of run on sentence and is one of the most common grammatical errors people make when writing. This type of mistake occurs when two or more independent clauses are joined in a single sentence by a comma with no coordinating conjunction, and can be identified using a comma splice checker on your text. If you aren’t familiar with the comma splice you may have a few questions.

Q: Why is a comma splice wrong?

A: In English grammar a comma isn’t considered strong enough on its own to join two independent clauses. An independent clause has a subject, a verb and expresses a complete thought. Joining two or more independent clauses with only a comma is grammatically incorrect.

Q: How do you identify a comma splice?

A: To know how to identify a comma splice you must first be able to recognize independent clauses and dependent clauses. An independent clause has a subject, a verb and expresses a complete thought so that it can stand alone as a sentence. A dependent clause may have a subject and a verb but doesn’t express a complete thought and by itself isn’t a sentence. A sentence with 2 or more independent clauses joined only by a comma is a comma splice.

Q: What is the difference between a comma splice and a run on sentence?

A: There are two types of run on sentences. They are the comma splice which is two or more independent clauses joined only by a comma and the fused sentence which is two or more independent clauses combined in a single sentence with no punctuation between them. Every comma splice is a run on sentence but not every run on sentence is a comma splice.

Q: How do you fix comma splice online?

A: You can use a comma splice corrector online to identify this type of mistake. This is a writing tool that will identify the comma splice as well as provide suggestions on how you can correct the mistake.

Fixing a Comma Splice

The first step in fixing a comma splice is being able to identify one when you see it. This will require you knowing the difference between an independent clause and a dependent clause. Once you have identified the comma splice, then you can set about making the actual correction. There are several ways to correct a comma splice:

how do you correct a comma splice error
  • Break the comma splice into two sentences separated by a period. Example: “I went to the concert, Mary was there” can be changed to “I went to the concert. Mary was there.”
  • Add a coordinating conjunction such as “and”. Example: “I went to the concert, and Mary was there.”
  • Change one of the independent clauses to a dependent clause by adding a subordinating conjunction. Example: “I went to the concert because Mary was there.”
  • Use a semi-colon, dash or ellipsis (…)

So how do you correct a comma splice error when you aren’t sure about independent clauses and all that other stuff? Try using a run on and comma splice checker to identify problems and make corrections. A run on sentence detector can identify the fused sentence errors as well as comma splices quickly and accurately and it will also suggest how to correct mistakes. It can take hours to proofread and edit text on your own, while a comma splice detector can analyze your text and suggest corrections in only seconds and it is also not subject to human error. This makes using the comma splice identifier preferable to proofreading and editing on your own.

About Our Comma Splice Checker

Our comma splice fixer is a writing tool that excels in identifying comma splice and other run on sentence errors. Having identified mistakes it also provides suggested corrections you can make to improve your text. What is even better is that it performs many other editing tasks at the same time. Additional features of our writing tool include spell check, punctuation check and dictionary check. It also can identify the fused sentence mistakes, it examines the tone of your text, word and grammar usage and determines whether you are writing in active or passive voice. The comma splice detector is fast, accurate, free and works on any type of text including academic papers, blog posts, articles, letters and emails. This makes it useful and very popular with students, bloggers, writers, business people, marketers and others who write.

One of the most popular aspects of our comma splice detector is how easy it is to use. No special skills are needed to use it. Follow these basic steps to analyze your text:

how to use comma splice checker
  • Copy and paste your text to the provided field. Text can also be typed directly in the field. Click the button to begin your text analysis.
  • Receive your text analysis. You will receive a report in a very short time (seconds) identifying any mistakes including comma splice errors. The report will include suggestions to correct any errors as well as possible adjustments you can make to improve your text.
  • Make the necessary corrections and adjustments to your text.

After making all corrections and adjustments you will have a well edited paper that you can submit for whatever purpose required.

Use our comma splice checker on your next writing task and submit a well-polished and error-free paper you can be proud of.