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The linguistic research reveals that fragment or run-on sentence is the 6th most common error accounting for as much as a 7.77% share of the overall errors in English writing. The impact of this error in professional writings is substantially huge. A professional tool for fused/run on sentence and comma splice checker is very helpful to fix my run on sentence efficiently.

What Is Run on Sentence Checker?

A run on sentence corrector is a software-based online tool that checks the writing thoroughly to detect and fix the fragment, comma splices, or run on sentences automatically. Our professionally designed and developed run on sentence identifier tool is one of the best in the marketplace to offer a comprehensive solution to check run-on sentence errors and helps fix those errors.

Our tool helps you comprehensively on how to identify a run on sentence in the text and fix it as per grammatical rules to make your writing awesome and professional. Our easy-to-use tool also helps writers improve their writing skills through a short curve of suggestive learning of the grammatical errors and their corrective solutions.

Top Capabilities of Our Run on Sentence Detector

Our run-on sentence detector is one of the best online free tools in the marketplace. It offers great capabilities and features to check and fix fragments and fused sentences as well as a wide range of other grammatical errors in your text. The main capabilities of our online run-on sentence detector other than fragment checking include:

what run on sentence checker can detect and correct
  • Tone detection. The tone of your text plays a vital role in conveying the message in a more effective way. Our tone helps you detect the right tone of your text for achieving better results of the writings.
  • Grammatical mistakes checking. Grammatical mistakes related to parts of speech, nouns, pronouns, tenses, verbs, conjunctions, and other domains are properly checked by our professional-level tool to make your writing free from grammatical errors.
  • Spelling and punctuation error detection. Punctuation is one of the most common mistakes in English writing. Our online run-on sentence checker tool is capable of finding and correcting the spelling and punctuation mistakes in your text with a great level of accuracy.
  • Sentence structure checking. Whether you are a student or a professional writer, the sentence structures of your writings are the most fundamental components to make your writing professional and attractive. If the structure of sentences in your writing is not written as per grammatical rules or domain-specific standards, your writing will remain under-rewarded always. Use our tool to improve the sentence structure substantially.
  • Voice misuse correction. The effective use of active and passive voices in any text is a vital part of the paper rating. You can improve the effectiveness of active/passive voice usage in your writing by using our awesome tool.
  • Prepositional phrase correction. Prepositional errors contribute substantially to the volume of common occurring writing errors. Our tool is highly efficient in detecting the prepositional phrase errors instantly. 
  • Plagiarism checking. Plagiarism is a criminal offense, which may be committed unknowingly. Our tool will help you pinpoint the plagiarism issue in your text if any. Thus, you can easily avoid this unethical practice and improve your writing credentials. 

The Impact of Grammar Check for Run-on Sentence in Professional Writings

The impact of grammar checking for a run-on sentence is any kind of professional piece of writing is significantly high because it crops and clears the writing from any kind of grammatical errors in the writings. Errors in writing would leave a very bad impression on the audience. In some cases, the message of the writing is also distorted badly. The major consequences of run-on sentences and other grammatical errors in writing include:

  • Very bad impression on readers
  • Distortion in the meaning of the writing
  • The reader will get irritated
  • The reader will not take writing seriously
  • The desired objectives of writing will not be achieved
  • Pathetic response from the targeted audience
  • Reduced marks for academic writings
  • Diminished business efficiency for business writing
  • Lessened chances of getting funds, grants, and other financial gains
  • Decreased level of confidence

Our awesome free online sentence fragment checker helps you avert all of those adverse impacts of your writings significantly.

An Overview of Identifying and Revising Run on Sentences in Writings

The topmost domain of errors in writings by the people studied English as the second language ESL is punctuation with 14.19%, followed by articles (13.18%), subject-verb agreement (11.82%), spelling (9.8%), capitalization (8.12%), and fragment (7.77%). The topmost error also contributes to the fragmentation of the sentences in writing. So, the overall impact of the run-on, comma splice, and fragments is very huge.

The top examples of run-on, comma splice, and fragmented sentences include the following.

Incorrect sentences:

  1. She loves cooking, she cooks one dish every day. (Comma splice)
  2. Schools are open now attendance is not mandatory. (Run-on Sentence)
  3. If the weather is good. (Fragment)

Correct sentences:

  1. She loves cooking; so, she cooks one dish every day. (Tip: add semicolon and conjunction)


She loves cooking. She cooks one dish every day. (Tip: using the period to isolate two clauses)


She loves cooking, so she cooks one dish every day. (Tip: use comma and conjunction combination)

  1. Schools are open now, but attendance is not mandatory. (Tip: use comma and conjunction)
  2. If the weather is good, I will go outside. (Tip: complete the second part of the sentence)

How to correct a run on sentence depends on the type of sentence. Normally, a run sentence can be corrected by following three basic rules such as using a combination of semicolon and conjunction, comma and conjunction, or using a period to break a run-on sentence into two separate sentences as shown in the first example.

Finding and fixing run-on sentences is a difficult and complex process, which requires linguistic expertise, proofreading/editing experience, and strong knowledge of grammar. Is there a run on sentence checker free online? Yes, our online tool is free and helps you find out the most complex and difficult run-on sentence and other grammatical errors instantly. You can simply use our run on sentence finder to correct fragment errors and other grammatical mistakes in your text to make it one of the best writing for your business.

Possible Options to Check for Sentence Fragments, Run-on Sentences

How to fix a fused sentence? You can use multiple options to check for sentence fragments, run-on sentences, and comma splices. A few very important of those options are mentioned below:

  • Manual checking. This option was one of the most common options to check and fix the run-on sentences and other grammatical errors in the text. It is based on the self-checking editing and proofreading mechanism in which the writer himself/herself checks the text for any grammatical mistakes in the text. The chances of missing the sentence as well as the other errors in the text are huge. It is very difficult to find mistakes from the text written by the checker of the text. This form of checking does not serve to achieve the desired goals of the writings. 
  • Hiring services of expert editors. In this option for checking fragment and run-on sentences, the paid services of professionals and experts are hired to get the writing checked and proofread for spelling and grammatical mistakes. This is a very costly option as compared to other options; so, hiring the services of professionals by students, teachers, and general writers will cost them money. At the same time, the chances of mistakes getting skipped out are also there due to the human error factor. 
  • Using our online run-on sentence checker. This is the most economical, easy, and efficient option for checking run-on sentences. You can use our online solution for checking not only run-on sentences but also other grammatical mistakes such as voice misuse, prepositional phrase errors, verb-subject agreement, word choice, and many others. Our professional-grade tool is designed with the help of professional advice from linguists and grammatists. The entire online platform is powered by a comprehensive software platform, which incorporates state of the art algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) in the software code. It is fully automated and runs instantly to create the best copy out of your text.

How to Use Fragment and Run on Sentence Checker Tool?

To use our fragment and run on sentence checker tool take the following steps:

how to use run on sentence detector and fixer
  • Open the document that you want to check for run-on sentences
  • Copy the text from the document
  • Paste the copied text into the field/widget of our online tool
  • Click the ‘Check the text’ button OR hit the return key on your computer
  • The tool starts checking the copied text automatically and highlights the run-on sentences by underlining them
  • Click the underlined sentences to open the corrective suggestions
  • Choose the right corrective suggestion to remove the run-on sentence errors.

How Is the Run on Sentence Fixer Tool a Comprehensive Writing Solution for All?

Our run-on sentence fixer tool is equally beneficial for students, writers, scientists, researchers, and business specialists. It offers a comprehensive writing checking solution for free, which is suitable for students and low-income people. The main reasons for our tool being extensively useful for all types of people include:

  • Highly featured and comprehensive
  • Accurate and effective
  • Open and free for all
  • Instant and online
  • Intuitive and easy

Our tool helps writers improve their learning of grammatical, run-on sentences, plagiarism, and spelling mistake detection. Our tool offers suggestions with a complete explanation of the solution when it detects any of those mistakes. This helps you learn step-by-step and improve your writing skills for future assignments significantly.

If you are looking for improving your writing through a great online free tool to check the fragments and run-on sentences in your writing, use our online tool for free now!